The Blackwells

blackwell This is an ongoing story following the four Blackwell children: Jaonos, Vithian, Ynaselle, and Othorion. As children of a prestigious family in the elven Court of the Stag, they should be leading contented, luxurious lives, but not all is well in the Blackwell family. Each child must make their own way in a society that has writ their destinies already.

The story begins one year after the death of their mother.

Dramatis Personae

  • Flinar Blackwell (flihNAR BLAAKwehl)
    Flinar is the patriarch of the small Blackwell family. After the death of his wife, Flinar suffered illness that left his health in question for some time. He is stiff, strict father who, nonetheless, very much loves his children. He is a Lord of the Court of the Stag, and as such, serves as a counselor to the Prince of said court, Prince Heliohart.
  • Jaonos Blackwell (JAYnohs BLAAKwehl)
    As the oldest child of the Blackwell family, Jaonos is bound to take his father’s place in the court upon Flinar’s death. However, Jaonos has not ambition and no desire to fill that role properly. He loves his family, but also loves his own comfort.
  • Vithian Blackwell (VIHTHeeuhn BLAAKwehl)
    Vithian is the second oldest child of the Blackwell family, so his destiny lies with the official church of the Faydark Empire. Unlike Jaonos, Vithian is very ambitious and has a temper. He finds himself unsuited for this role, but is eager to prove himself.
  • Ynaselle Blackwell (eenuhSEHL BLAAKwehl)
    Ynaselle is the third Blackwell child. She will have to find her own way, and until the previous year, had hoped it would be by marrying for love. She’s a doting daughter and finds herself taking her mother’s position in the family, offering guidance and support to her brothers and father,
  • Othorion Blackwell (ohTHOReeuhn BLAAKwehl)
    Othorion decided to make his way in life as a member of the Emperor’s Navy, and he has excelled in his decision. He is the most dutiful and level-headed of the family, despite being the youngest.