Types of posts

I’ve been thinking about what all I can post here and how often.

Right now, I have a generic story I’m working on that I plan on posting at least once a week. My most ambitious schedule would have at four or five posts a week. It would look something like this:

Monday – ongoing homebrew story

Wednesday – writing article

Thursday – ongoing homebrew story

Saturday – a fun post of “weirdest queries” which would be an aggregated list of submitted weird google searches and research topics different writers have had to male

Sunday – a fun post of “editor notes” which would be an aggregated list of submitted amusing notes that writers, editors, and beta readers have made.

I know this is not something I can do right now (the last two would require that I have people making submissions). For each of the “story” days, I would want to post at least 1,000 words, and then there’s writing a decent article a week. I’m not as worried about the 2,000 words as I am putting together a well-researched article, although finding time to edit.

I’m also considering utilizing Archive of Our Own¬†for completed chapters. It wouldn’t necessarily be a regular posting, but once I had finished a chapter, put it in full on AO3.

As it were, I’m entering the last semester of my degree and will also be job-searching during this time. At no point do I think I’ll be able to keep up a rigorous posting schedule until I’ve graduated and have settled into a decent job.

I want to treat this as a job. I want to dedicate time to this everyday. However, I only have a few more months of school. And, since I still have bills to pay, I need to put real effort into getting a job that can cover those bills.

If I’m very fortunate, I plan to, by June, be posting Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. (Saturday and Sunday posts depend on you people.)

Until then, my first story post will be no later than 2/4.

Thank you for your patience until then,

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